frequently asked questions

Q: How do I get to my website's control panel (cPanel)?

The control panel for your website is always located at https://cpanel.<;. If you have just placed an order and your domain has not had time to activate, you may follow the instructions in your welcome e-mail to use a temporary address while your domain propogates.

Q: How often is my site backed up? How do I restore it?

Your site is backed up every other day throughout the week and the history is retained for up to 4 backups (almost a week) until it is overwritten with a new one. Backups can be downloaded from the 'Backup' area in cPanel. To restore your site to a previous state simply upload your backup to the 'Backup' area in cPanel.

Q: How do I upload my website on cPanel?

On your cPanel homepage click the 'File Manager' link. A list of folders will then appear, double click on the folder called 'public_html'. This is the home directory for you site and all files here will be public on the internet at <>/<filename>.

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